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Ean has been involved in snowmobiling since a young age and has always been passionate about riding and improving vehicle performance.  Originally Ean started by working on his own sleds, which grew to include friends sleds, then acquaintances and pretty soon random strangers and people in other countries who wanted good customer service and products that WORK.


With a focus on Western Mountain riding, Ean has learned many tricks to adapt his everyday sleds to the rigors of high Altitude use.  Many days, and sleepless nights modifying sleds have gone into the products Koolme Kustoms offer so they work the way they are supposed to the day you take it out of the package.  Along the way Ean has been frustrated with products that didn’t work or failed to work the way the manufacturer intended. Koolme Kustoms has found/developed many awesome products that do what they said they would. 


Koolme Kustoms philosophy on modifications is "They should make snowmobiling MORE fun, be it a suspension that functions better allowing you to ride harder & longer, or an engine with more power to carry your further up the hill and past your buddies."  


Ean is assisted in all of this by his wonderful wife who validates the “plush” suspension packages and verifies that Koolme Kustoms engine packages are safe for anyone to ride while still maintaining a significant improvement over stock.  She also tests garb like no other…    


All of the products Koolme Kustoms sell have been torture tested over many thousands of miles, tree hits, acts of stupidity, etc. and have proven to be worthwhile upgrades. 


Koolme Kustoms does not sell hype or fancy calendars, only products that work!


All products carry the fat bald guys stamp of approval!


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