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  • Kinetic Shock Calibration
  • Patent Pending Kinetic Internal Bypass Technology
  • Industry Leading Compression & Rebound Adjustment
  • Multi-Zone Bottom Out Protection
  • Initiate Lines with Less Rider Input
  • Undeniable Rough Trail Performance
  • Fluid Like Predictability Through Any Terrain
  • Terrain Sensitive Bypass Zone
  • Less Trenching & Improved Floatation
  • PiggyBack Style | Reservoir Shocks
  • Sold as a pair


  • Raptor Shocks has always been known in the industry for their highly progressive, ultra-compliant shock packages. Our multi-rate springs as well as our newly calibrated shocks for 2019 turn a very good vehicle into something pretty amazing.

    The new Kinetic Series technology incorporates a patent pending design which allows fluid to bypass around the main valving piston in a given zone. The main take away for our customers is we now have a shock that we can tune to have unrivaled compliance, as well as epic bottom out resistance. Combined, these characteristics can be very difficult to achieve in conventional shock designs. The V1-RC is a non-compromising design.

    Whether you spend 150 days a year on the snow or 10, the suspension performance difference is immediately noticeable. Our new shock calibrations allow the rider to forget about what’s under the snow and really focus on their chosen line.

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